Sales Displays

Show your true self and engage with your advertising rack!

Getting the customer's attention is hard today. Take a step forward and have your own sales stand ready.

Sell with advertising rack

We can produce POP / POS in any quantity with different designs, so you can test which graphics will fit you better. If you do not know what's behind the abbreviations, they are "point of purchase" and "point of sale". Abbreviations practically indicate the locations in the shop where the customer finds a promotional stand, can take your product and take it to the cash register.

Complete solution of the sales stand

Do you have your own idea on a rack? Great, we together will your idea turn into reality. We like to come up with a design proposal even ourselves. In both cases, it is necessary to know the product, its weight and its size. Accordingly, we select the appropriate material to keep the weight of the product. Do not worry - corrugated board stands will always be strong enough, but also lightweight and easily transportable. Although it is usually distributed disassembled, it is easy to assemble it directly at the store. Recyclable and ecological If you need corrugated board racks only for seasonal products, you can recycle them at the end of the sale. They are 100% ecological.


Obaly dodávané firmou Solpap jsou kvalitní a změna barevného potisku velmi flexibilní. Děkujeme

Další reference

Pardubický pivovar a.s

Pardubický pivovar a.s

I thank SOLPAP for a professional approach to creating new cardboard packaging without printing and with full-color printing and flexible order processing.

Tropic Liberec s.r.o.

Tropic Liberec s.r.o.

Integrity, customer service, expertise, fast delivery, valid terms and, of course, high quality materials are the main reasons why Solpap is a very important partner for us to develop our business.

Trelleborg Bohemia, a.s.

Trelleborg Bohemia, a.s.

We have been cooperating with SOLPAP for a long time. We are particularly grateful for reliability, speed and trouble-free communication.

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