We protect the environment

We aware of our responsibility for the environment. Look what we do for it

Next Box


As the first in the Czech Republic, we have already started delivering Next Box packages in 2012. They are made from more compact and lighter cardboard with the same or slightly higher edge strength against conventional materials. This is due to the higher frequency of the lower wool and the use of firmer Next Fiber paper made from fibers recovered by gentle recycling technology.
Protects nature by lower emissions:
1. While producing and transporting paper.
2. When transporting and handling corrugated cardboard.
3. During Transport, handling and storage of packaging.


From the beginning of 2018, we drive to you in Hybrids. We leave behind a small carbon footprint. Average consumption of our cars is around 4 l / 100 km. Hybrid is safe when you need to quickly accelerate to avoid collision. Pressing the accelerator activates both electric and gasoline motors at the same time.
The car with a low power requirement automatically switches off the combustion engine and therefore does not generate noise when standing, commuting, and starting at junctions, in buildings and in car parks.
All road users have to count with this characteristic. On one hand, lower noise, on the other hand, higher alertness.